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Tubela & JD2

Tubela & JD2

Tubela was the UK's original and most experienced distributor for the excellent JD2 tube benders. We sold them for nearly 20 years. Now we make our own, in England!

Search on our website for the Tubela Model 3 or the Tubela Model 32.

JD Squared Inc was founded by a hobbyist car builder in 1982. Bob Hughes had a need for a simple robust but affordable tube bender and thought ‘how hard could it be’ to make his own. As a result the Model 1 was born and 3 decades later the company which is named after his three children, Jaimee, Devin and Demi, continues to sell high quality affordable and easy to use Tube Benders & Nothchers to hobbyists and businesses across the world.

Tubela, the UK's most comprehensive distributor has been selling the excellent range of tube bending machines to all walks of the fabrication, the hobbyist and industrial industries. Utilise our experience to help you in your projects.