June 2022 - We can now make you Square/Box/Section Bending Tooling for the Tubela Model 3 & 32 Tubebenders. Contact us for info.

Pipe Cutter & Tube Notcher Machines

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Cutting & Notching Machines

Tubela has a range of tube and pipe cutting and notching machines, available for a number of different uses. These vary in strength and the size of the tube or pipe they are able to cut.

Tube Cutter & Pipe Cutting Machine

Our electric pipe cutter and tube cutters can effectively cut through a number of materials. Whether you need a copper pipe cutter, 15mm pipe cutter, or plastic pipe cutter, you’ll find the right machine with us. We also have a heavy-duty 4 wheel pipe cutter, which can cut through a stainless steel pipe.

Tube Notcher machines

Our tube notcher machines make for easy use, and are very rigid and accurate, enabling you to fit and weld tube together effectively.

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