Hydraulic Benders

Hand and motorised hydraulically powered pipe benders.
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Are you wishing to bend thick-walled material, hydraulic, gas or black pipe? Our range of hand hydraulic benders are versatile, portable and great for factory or site work for industrial and boiler room, pipeline, marine and architectural installations.

Capacity ¼” up to 4”NB.

1/4"NB (13.6mmOD), 3/8" (17.2), 1/2" (21.4), 3/4" (26.9), 1" (33.8), 1"1/4 (42.5), 1"1/2 (48.3), 2" (60.3), 2"1/2 (76.1), 3" (88.9), 4"NB (114.3mmOD).

Note : Machines and Formers are supplied to suit NB pipes; Gas BS1387 & Black (DIN2440, EN10255, ASTMA53). OD sizes are available, please see Tooling & Accessories or contact us.

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