Pipe Bendersfor NB pipe

For thick-walled (>3mm) pipe measured by the NB (nominal bore).
Pipe is used for water, gas, oil or hydraulic fluids, generally at high pressures and temperatures. And has a dull imperfect finish.

Pipe Bending Machines and Accessories

At Tubela Engineering, we stock a wide range of tube and pipe bending machines and equipment. Our tube and pipe bending machines are suitable for a number of uses and industries. We stock everything from a smaller, manual pipe bender, to industrial heavy-duty pipe bending equipment, such as a steel pipe bender or hydraulic pipe bender.

The main products we supply are the hand bender, hydraulic pipe bending machine, electric pipe bender, as well as a number of tools & accessories.

We stock a huge range of pipe bending machines, from manual, portable equipment to hydraulic and computer-adided gear, so you'll be sure to find the right product for you.

If you have any questions or require a pipe bender or any of our products or accessories, please don't hesitate to contact us today.



How does a pipe bender work?

When bending pipe using a pipe bender, the user must pull down the handles on the pipe bender. This action forces the pipe to bend around the former/shoe, following the shape of the roller, producing a bend.

Can you bend tube with a pipe bender?

It is not recommended to bend a tube with a pipe bender because a tube is measured by the outside diameter, whereas a pipe is measured by the inside diameter. It is important to use tube bending equipment to bend tubes, and pipe bending equipment to bend pipes, in order to reach an accurate god quality bend.

What is a hydraulic pipe bender?

A hydraulic pipe bender can be used to bend metal pipes, to acute angles accurately. Hydraulic pressure is used to bend thick-walled pipe and conduit, without the piping wrinkling. High-pressure oil is used to provide a powerful but controlled thrust, which bends the pipe accurately.

What is a pipe bender used for?

The main purpose of pipe bending is to manipulate piping to bend in different shapes and directions. A number of industries and trades require pipe bending services. Some of these include the plumping industry, electrical conduit piping, architects, marine and mechanics.