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Electric Tube Benders

Electric and digitally controlled rotary draw tube benders for all materials of tube; thick and thin walled.
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The CBC UNI Digital Electric Series of machines are very versatile, extremely accurate, repeatable and powerful tube & pipe bending machines. Just a push of a button will bend all your requirements from 6mmOD upto 114mmOD, or 4"NB.

They are ideally suited for bending thin or thick-walled material such as annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other more specialised materials such as CDS, T45 & super duplex. Thus giving them excellent flexibility while delivering optimum and repeated bending radii, and little deformation.

The UNI60&70 machines can be fitted with Mandrel bending equipment at a later time for those who wish to bend thin-walled tube to a tight centre line radius, making them extremely versatile and modular.

SPECIALS: we can also manufacture tooling for Square & Section material, plus tooling to any non-standard centre line radius that you may require. Including tooling made from stainless steel for the Petrochemical and Nuclear industries.


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