Tube BendersFor OD Tubing

For thin-walled tubing (<3mm) measured by the OD (outside diameter).
Tube is used for design, architectural purposes and to convey liquids and gases. It generally has a smooth clean bright finish.

Tube Bending Machines and Tube Working Equipment

Tubela Engineering offers a range of tube bender tools and tube working equipment. We supply everything from hand operated portable machines to heavy-duty equipment, like a steel tube bender. Some of the main types of tube benders we stock are Hand Tubing Benders, Hand and Electric Hydraulic Tube Benders, Electric Rotary Tube Benders and we can supply CNC Tube Benders. These machines are effective and accurate for bending steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, thin-walled tubing and some plastic coated tubes.

Depending on the type of tube you need to bend, Tubela’s wide selection of bending equipment means you’ll be able to find the right machine for you.