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Tube BendersFor OD Tubing

For thin-walled tubing (<3mm) measured by the OD (outside diameter).
Tube is used for design, architectural purposes and to convey liquids and gases. It generally has a smooth clean bright finish.

Manual & Electric


Browse our range of manual and electric tube benders. We have a diverse portfolio of tube bending machines suitable for all applications, ranging from hand-operated units to the more heavy-duty NC tube bender machines. So if you’re looking for the effective tube bending of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, thin wall steel, plastic coated tubes and more — we have the solution.


Choose the right tube bender machines for your requirements. 


We have four main categories of tube bending machines. Click on the links to find further information about them. Or contact us if you have any questions.


  • Manual & hand tube bendersEasy to assemble and operate, and very effective at bending a number of metals (including steel and stainless steel, copper, aluminium and more). All these are portable.

  • Hydraulic tube bendersIncluding hand operated and motorised machines, heavy-duty steel and stainless steel tube benders for heavy wall tube. 110v to 415v are available. 

  • Electric tube bendersfeaturing some of the most versatile, accurate, repeatable and powerful tube bending machines on the market today. We specifically stock CBC tube benders, of which the UNI60 & 70 machines can be fitted with Mandrel bending equipment, if you wish to start bending thinner and tighter bends.

For additional tooling, visit our tooling and accessories page here.


With 75+ years in the industry, we are established tube bender experts. 

Choose the model you require or contact us for some free, impartial and expert advice. Valued customer service is important to us. We don’t just supply tube bender machines, we build relationships with our customers too. 

If you would like to see our tube bending machines for sale in person, then you are welcome to visit our shop in Essex. Where we can operate them for you and demonstrate their efficiency. 

Please note: tubes generally have thin walls, often requiring a distinct type of machinery (tube benders) to bend them. Pipes on the other hand tend to have thicker walls. If you are dealing with pipes, please visit our pipe bending machines page for more specialised equipment.