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Tube BendersFor OD Tubing

For thin-walled tubing (<3mm) measured by the OD (outside diameter).
Tube is used for design, architectural purposes and to convey liquids and gases. It generally has a smooth clean bright finish.

Tube Bending Machines and Tube Working Equipment

Tubela Engineering offers a range of tubing bender tools and tube working equipment. We supply everything from hand operated portable machines, to heavy-duty tube bender equipment, like a steel tube bender or a hydraulic bender. Some of the main types of tube benders we stock are Hand Tubing Benders, Metal Conduit Bender, Hand and an Electric Hydraulic Tube Bender, Electric Rotary Tube Benders and we can supply CNC Tube Benders and a CNC pipe bender. These machines are effective and accurate for steel tube bending, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, thin wall steel tubing and some plastic coated tubes.

Depending on the type of tube you need to bend, Tubela’s wide selection of bending equipment means you’ll be able to find the right machine for you.

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How do you use a steel tube bender?

To use a tube bender, you must first choose the appropriate bender. You should mark your tube with bend directions and reference points. This line should stay in the direction opposite to the desired bend direction. Next, the tube should be aligned and placed into the tube bender. Then, raise one of the bending arms to insert the tube, whilst making sure the reference points remain visible. Once this is in place, lower the bending arm to secure the tubing in place, and when ready to bend, grip the support arm and pull it down. You should be able to view the reference points. Once you have reached the desired bend, release the support arm and disengage the tube from the tube bender.

What is a mandrel tube bender?

A mandrel tube bender is a very accurate, electric tube bender, operating with a patented vertical clamping system. This enables complex and intricate shapes to be bent into sturdy tubes, without wrinkles occurring. Wrinkles occur when a tube is bent ineffectively.

How do you bend thin wall tubing?

When a thin wall tube is bent past 45 degrees, wrinkling can occur. To bend thin wall tubing for use in bicycles and furniture, a manual tube bender should be used. It is important to use the correct die for the tubing, as this supports the inside bend radius of the tube, which is shrinking, as the outside stretches. Keeping the dies oiled on the tube bender will help to move the tube along, helping to preserve the dies.

Can you bend stainless steel tubing?

There are a number of tube benders available for bending stainless steel tubes. This will depend on the strength of the tube and also the radius to which you plan to bend the tube. The likelihood of wrinkles appearing will depend on the bend radius of the tubing. Mandrel tube benders are ideal for stainless steel tubing.