Threading Machines

Equipment to successfully and easily thread pipe, with easy start long lasting dies and a host of innovations from our chosen suppliers to aid fit and finish. (Roll Groovers are available, please contact us)

Tube and Pipe Threading Machines and Accessories

At Tubela, we stock a range of REMS, CBC and Ridgid tube and pipe threading machines. Our machinery is ideal for a number of trades and maintenance work, such as plumbing and construction.

Our pipe threading machines are available in a number of ranges. Whether you need a manual pipe threader, electric conduit threader, portable electric pipe threader or electric mounted threader, we’re sure to stock the right pipe threading tool for you.

A pipe threading machine is designed to be effective, accurate and quick. We stock iron pipe threaders and other pipe threading tools, which can be used to bend steel, copper and plastic pipes and tubes. All our equipment is customisable to ensure you achieve the most accurate pipe threading results.

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What is a pipe threader used for?

Pipe threading machines are used to cut threaded ends onto pipe or tubes, so they can be assembled or screwed together.

How does a pipe threader work?

Pipe threading machines use a die head, which the pipe is placed through. The die head is a ring-shaped component which contains lots of teeth and attaches around the pipe. Once the die head is turned, the teeth cut the threads into the pipe.

How tight should threaded pipe be?

When threading pipe, two or 3 full turns are sufficient for hand tight. However, if the pipe still feels loose, then completing another full turn should suffice.

Can you over-tighten pipe threads?

It is possible to over-tighten pipe threads, which can cause the female portion of the pipe to split and break.