Tubela offers tube, pipe & section manipulation services.  
Would you like a full curve or just a small kink, maybe you'd care for a 90, or a full 180. Whatever your desires contact us with a drawing of your tube, pipe or section bending needs.

Manipulation Services

manipulation-imageTUBELA have been offering a comprehensive tube & pipe bending service for over 15years to the tube working sector to complement our 70 years of manufacturing & sales.

By utilising the machines we manufacture and sell we are able to bend a wide and varied array of tube types and tube sizes to cater for your needs. Be it a small batch where purchasing a machine would prove uneconomic or if you require 100’s or 1000's off, we can do it and at all rather surprising prices.

Afterall we have no high machine overheads or service charges to build into your quote.

We will be shortly offering tube bends off the shelf and bent to standard radii and angles for hand railing, barriers, posts and much more, at great value prices…

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