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CBC was founded in Italy in 1966 originally making Zootechnical products (animal medical equipment), which is far away from the Tube bending, Threading and other mechanical tools they make today. However they have been making excellent, well made and well finished tube benders since the 1980’s.

Today they display a huge range of digitally controlled electric tube benders offering a bending range from as little as 6mm to 140mm.

CBC are the market leaders for accuracy, durability, service and customer support.

This is why Tubela has been selling and servicing CBC machines for over 30years, with great success. We are the only experts in the UK in their servicing and repair, and that’s if they ever need any, as CBC machines are built to last.

The CBC UNI Manual & Digital Electric Series of machines are very versatile, extremely accurate, repeatable and powerful tube & pipe bending machines. Just a push of a button will bend all your requirements from 6mmod upto 140mmod, or 4"nb.

They are ideally suited for bending thin or thick-walled material such as annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other more specialised materials such as CDS and T45 tubing.

The CBC Uni range can also handle thin or thick walled tube giving them excellent flexibility delivering optimum and repeated bending radii, and little deformation.

We can also manufacture tooling for Square and section material, plus tooling to any non-standard centre line radius you may require.

The UNI60&70 machines can be fitted with Mandrel bending equipment at a later time for those who wish to bend thin-walled tube to a tight centre line radius.