SPECIAL OFFER - The mighty REMS Amigo 2 Threader 1/2" to 2"BSPT 110v Kit. 899.16exc VAT. Delivered!



Tubela are very proud that we are now a distributor to the mightily impressive Dynobend – dynamic bending – tube, wire & profile bending machines and tube end forming machines. They are CNC, all electric, servo controlled, rotary draw standard or Mandrel tube benders leading to the extraordinary 3D controlled free form tube benders.

These have to be the McLaren of tube benders in the industry; beautifully and functionally styled, state of the art and come with a host of unique innovations, with rapid precision from small to big production. Capacity up to 220mmOD.

Dynobend has offered state of the art machines and has been a globally operating family owned company since 1988. It has a broad portfolio of systems, products and industrial services to help you the customer achieve incredible production facilites.

A video from the CEO of Dynobend showing us around the company CLICK HERE.