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About Us

Tubela, the tube bending and pipe bending experts have been manufacturing and selling Tube, Pipe, and Section Machines and offering Manipulation services for over 75 years now! We are a family run business and as such we have our eye more on customer service and satisfaction than simply selling machines.

Our dedication has generated a varied wealth of technical knowledge to pass over to our customers, in all aspects of the Tube bending field. To this end it explains why just the company name sells tube and pipe bending Machines the World over.

Tubela currently offers the market a large range of bending machines and pipe working tools from the light and portable Direct Pull Hand Ratchet assisted Tube Benders, Hydraulic Hand and Motorised ram (press bender) Pipe benders and a range of powerful, versatile and compact Electric Tube bending machines, which includes Mandrel benders for tight radii and thin tube work. Pipe working tools include Tube Notchers, Threading machines, Saws and Inspection equipment.

To compliment our business we are now teamed up with REMS & Ridgid Tools, who offer the professional tradesman and fabricator their catalogue to complement your needs. Ridgid and their tools include pipe working, cutting, threading, roll grooving, sawing, clamping, inspection, assembly & maintenance, diamond drilling, tools and machines.

We have a shop where customers are welcome to come in to see the products and be able to use them or have them demonstrated making test bends for you before purchase. We want you to be 100% happy with the quality of our products and the excellent results they achieve. And we accept credit cards aswell.

We are open from 09:00 to 17:00 on week days.