NEWS - 16.06.2021 - Model 3 & 32 Hydraulic Kits are coming and a Thin wall Bending kit for the Model 3 soon!!

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Tubela CNC Precision Machining Services.

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Engineering & CNC Services

Tubela are able to provide a variety of engineering services. We are able to provide for smaller batch work up to volume production of components. Tubela produces thousands of products per year always putting the customers needs first and always delivering on or before schedule. We currently serve Automotive, Marine, Nuclear, Rail, Millitary and Construction industry's. Get in touch via email or phone us to discuss your Project/Manufacturing requirement.

Additional to the services listed below Tubela can also offer fabrication and welding services.

CNC + Manual Machining

We are able to offer a comprehensive CNC machining service using our two 3-Axis Machining centres and Vertical/ Horizontal Lathes both CNC and manual. All programming is done via CAD CAM allowing us to offer shorter cycle times and advanced programming methods. We also offer a variety of manufacturing processes including: finishing, boring, key broaching, punching and forming.

CNC machining equipment

XYZ-660-HD-1 XYZ 660HD

X-Axis travel: 660 mm
Y-Axis travel: 420 mm
Z-Axis travel: 400 mm

Max Spindle Speed: 10,000 rpm





X-Axis travel: 510 mm
Y-Axis travel: 400 mm
Z-Axis travel: 350 mm

Max Spindle Speed: 8,000 rpmXYZ-TC-400-5-2ms


Max Part Diameter: 390mm

Max Part length: 450mm

Max Spindle Speed: 3,300rpm



3D CAD Design and Drawing

We offer comprehensive Component Design and can produce Drawings to a customer specified standard. From Component draughting to blank sheet projects, Tubela can offer expertise engineering and design services. Contact: to discuss any design based projects.



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