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CBC Tube Bender Machinery & Accessories At Tubela

Browse our catalogue of CBC manufactured tube and pipe bending machinery and accessories here. We offer a range of digitally controlled electric tube benders with a bending range from 6mm to 140mm. We can also manufacture tooling for square and section materials, plus tooling for any non-standard centre line radius you may require.

Get accurate, repeatable and powerful results with the CBC UNI manual and digital electric series of machines.

Bend all your requirements from 6mmod up to 140mmod, or 4"nb with these extremely accurate, versatile tube and pipe bending machines.

These UNI machines are ideally suited for bending thin or thick-walled material such as annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other more specialised materials such as CDS, stainless steel and T45 tubing. 

The CBC UNI range can also handle a thin or thick walled tube giving them excellent flexibility, delivering optimum and repeated bending radii, and little deformation.

The CBC UNI60D tube bender & CBC UNI70D tube bender machines can be fitted with Mandrel bending equipment at a later time for those who wish to bend the thin-walled tube to a tight centre line radius.

We are the only experts in the UK who can reliably service and repair CBC tube bender machines.

If you suspect your CBC machinery has a fault or needs servicing please contact us via this form here. Alternatively, call our sales and support team on 01371 859 100. We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9-4:30pm on Fridays.

A little about CBC and why Tubela have worked with them for the past 30+ years:

CBC is an Italian company, founded in 1966. They originally started out manufacturing animal medical equipment (‘zootechnical’ products), but soon branched out to manufacture tube benders, threading machines, and other mechanical tools. 

CBC are widely considered to be market leaders in the tube bending industry, from the 1980s to the present day. They offer fantastic customer support, and their products are well-regarded for accuracy, durability and service. 

For these reasons and more, we have sold and serviced CBC machines for over 30+ years. But, to tell the truth, we rarely have to service them — for the simple fact that CBC tube bending machines and accessories are built to last.