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Turn your oily, leaking, damaged, old and hard working Tubela H3PR pipe bender (first picture) back into the shiney power house it once was (second picture).

Any age of H3PR is eligible as these units, which were over engineered, rarely need anything more than seals, and we have the know-how to rebuild them properly. As the machines heart, the Valve Block, goes on for literally decades. We have H3PR's returned that are over 30years old and they sent back fully refreshed with just this overhaul performed.

What we will do?
We will assess your machine, then strip and clean every part of the H3PR, before fitting a complete new seal kit while we reassemble the pump unit. Then as a gesture of the pride we hold for our machines we will paint your pump free of charge, so it comes back to you looking like new.

What happens if it needs additional parts?
We will contact you to discuss, although it is rarely the case that new parts not included in this overhaul are needed.

What happens if it is not repairable?
Unlikely, but if the pump has been filled with the wrong oil, or is full of water then the valve block maybe beyond repair. In which case we will contact you. An inspection charge of £40 is due, which will be taken off you refund.

What should you do?
Click add to cart and fill out the online form as if you were buying something, including delivery. Then send us your H3PR - in a decent up standing box please. Make sure you tell us who its from and what you think is wrong with it. We will then get to work and send it back. Turnaround is normally 5/7days.

Your H3PR will not get a better service than at the manufacturers themselves, and it is much cheaper than a new machine. So treat it.


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