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  • A MARK '2013' 2”nb capacity Hand Hydraulic Pipe Bending machine with the easy to use Tip-Up Wing Head. This bender comes complete with seven 90˚ Formers for 3/8” to 2”nb.

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The MARK range of machines are portable, quick to use, robust, and come with a 10year warranty to compliment their European manufacture and build quality.

They are ideal for site work, boiler room construction, oil rig applications and industrial uses where you are bending Gas or Black pipe (BS1387, DIN2440, ASTM A53, EN 10255). And Hydraulic pipe with a wall thickness over 3mm.

The MARK range utilises a reliable single hydraulic circuit system thus removing the need to pump the ram to return as it is spring loaded for ease of use. They also have an innovative handle and piston design to maximise the cylinder stroke, which optimises operator effort and thus reduces fatigue.

This bender comes complete with a 90˚ Former set for 3/8” to 2”nb (3/8, ½”, ¾”, 1” & 1”1/4, 1”1/2 & 2” nb) and all packed in a wooden box for easy storage and transport.

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