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  • Introducing the Giracut 330, 3-30mm Tube Cutter, with a difference.

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The Giracut 330 is here to revolutionise the tube cutter market with its unique (and patented), quick to use automatic feeding of the cutter wheel.

Gone are the days of awkwardly trying to cut tube in the fragmented steps of turning, tightening, turning and repeat. With the handle that can be altered for the left handed amongst us, you simply pull the black knob, turn to insert the tube and then tighten. Push the black knob down to engage the Giracut 330's automatic handle and gearing then begin speedily turning the cutter around the tube.

You can cut tube in a fraction of the time, especially copper and plastic or multilayer tube. You can even do it without the need for a vice. Steel or stainless takes a little more effort and depending on the thickness a vice maybe required. However you can still cut the tougher materials in a much quicker and less tiresome way.

Watch the video to see it in action and read the brochure in the ‘download’ tab.


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