SPECIAL OFFER - The mighty REMS Amigo 2 Threader 1/2" to 2"BSPT 110v Kit. 899.16exc VAT. Delivered!


The UNI76-3nb Heavy Duty Twin Roller Holder (2"nb to 3”nb) is an accessory that replaces the fixed Guide and is predominantly for bending materials thicker than 2.5mm.

The two rollers act as points of pressure when supporting the tube and thus help to form the material around the former. The forward roller is also positioned to reduce the lead that the tube has before it starts to bend, producing a better rounder back, especially when compared to the old method of using a single roller.

Other advantages are that the rollers do not wear like a guide will eventually, or leave a slight ridge on thinner tube.

A pair of Rollers is required per diameter of tube.

We are happy to test bend samples of you tube for you.

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