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  • A standard Former CNC machined from SG, a cast ductile iron, which is very strong and durable. These formers can bend all normal materials and specials such as T45, Chromemoly and Super Duplex.

    The Former comes complete with a steel Tube Ring.

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These SG Formers come in either 2D, 3D or 4D radii’s and a huge range of diameters to suit both metric and imperial tube and pipe sizes. If a size is not listed, then call us to ask.

Choose 3D or 4D Formers for tube less than 3mm thick.

You will need either a Guide (<2mmwall) or Twin Roller Holder (>2.5mmwall) with a pair of Rollers to accompany your Former, per diameter of tube/pipe.

OD = Outside Diameter of the tube.

3D = 3 x the OD of the tube which = the CLR (Centre Line Radius) of the Former. So a 25mmOD 3D = 75mmCLR.

NB Formers listed as 3D are approximately 3D to 4D in CLR, see the table in Specifications for more information.


• If a Former is not listed as stock, then please call us to order. Delivery will be approx 1 week from order.

• Special radii Formers can be made to order. Please contact us to discuss.

• Formers 1"3/4OD (45mmOD) and above come with the 42mmSq heavier duty Shaft for the UNI70/76/89 etc. If you have a  UNI60 then state this machine when ordering.

• UNI76: for 60mmOD with a wall thickness above 5mm, the 70mm shaft formers are available. POA

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