SPECIAL OFFER - The mighty REMS Amigo 2 Threader 1/2" to 2"BSPT 110v Kit. 899.16exc VAT. Delivered!
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  • A 90degree Standard cast Former for the range of Tubela, Mark, Ridgid & Staffa hydraulic pipe bending machines.

    NOTE: We are now replacing the standard cast iron pipe Formers with CNC machined Steel Formers, as stocks run out of the cast items.

  • Stock: Ex-Stock to 3/5days
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A 90degree Standard ductile cast iron Former, or CNC machined Steel upto 120deg Former, for the range of Tubela hydraulic pipe bending machines. The H3PR, M3PR, 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M. Our Formers feature a groove which is more than half the outside diameter of the pipe deep, to offer additional support and provide a superior bend.

NOTE: We can also re-drill our Formers to suit MARK, RIDGID & STAFFA hydraulic pipe benders, which is what the 'Brand' drop down box is for.

For MARK formers, click on Ridgid.

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