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A special 5D (larger radii) 90degree Heavy Duty Machine Grooved cast ductile iron Former, for light to extra heavy pipe, for the range of Tubela hydraulic pipe bending machines. The H3PR, M3PR, 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M. And we can also re-drill this Former to suit both RIDGID & STAFFA hydraulic pipe benders.

The 5D nature of these Formers offers a larger radii for a smoother bend compared to the standard 4D Formers. You are therefore able to bend lighter material with no wrinkling and a rounder back of bend with greater success.

5D = 5 x the NB size of the pipe = the centre line radius of the bend.

Our Formers feature a groove which is more than half the outside diameter of the pipe deep, to offer additional support and provide a superior bend.

For MARK formers, click on Ridgid.

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