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  • Introducing Tubela's Piranha Tube & Pipe Notcher.

    Notch from 3/4" - 2.5" (19mm - 63.5mm) Tube or Box. Straight, Angle, and Offset Notching. PLUS it can notch on a Bend!

    This is a big capacity hard wearing, robust and accurate tube notcher & pipe notcher, that enables you to fit your tube together precisely for that perfect weld.

    And.... its comes in two finishes. Black Zinc or Silver/Colour Zinc plating.

    Made in the UK 🇬🇧

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The Tubela Piranha Tube & Pipe Notcher capacity is from 3/4"OD to 2.5"OD (19mm - 63.5mm) Tube or Box. At any angle or off centre. Just position the tube in the two supplied V-Blocks, tighten the Clamp as needed and notch!

The first notch in a tube or pipe is easily done. However, the Tubela Pirahna Tube & Pipe Notcher makes alignment, off-set and length control of the second, third or forth notch easy to complete accurately.

Use the unique intergrated adjustable 'Stop' to make repetitive notches at the same length; simple and accurate. Pull the Spring Pin to easily remove it, but set, ready for next time.

Its comes in two luxury finishes. Black Zinc or Silver/Colour Zinc plating.

  • Compound notches are very achievable.
  • Cuts angles up to 60°.
  • Utilises a heavy duty Clamp with a magnetic V-Pad to securely hold your tube and allow you to notch on or near to a bend.
  • Heavy duty 25mm thick high grade S355JR steel frame which is all CNC machined.
  • Easy mounting: bolt or clamp it to a Welding table (50mm or 100mm centres), Jig table or simply secure it in a vice.
  • 25mm Ground Stainless Steel Shaft that rotates smoothly in a CNC machined bearing block incorporating premium double needle bearings for maximum rigidity and reliability.
  • The twin premium Bearings come with seals to keep the grease/oil in and swarf out.
  • Uses inexpensive bi-metal hole saws which you can buy at any good DiY store.
  • It only requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill to operate. Ideally a low speed high torque battery drill, running 200-300rpm. Use die-cutting or tapping oil to lubricate the hoesaw.

*drill and holesaw not included*


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