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    The Tubela made Model 3 & 32 Hydraulic Kit. The most cost effective solution on the market with extremely good build quality and ease of operation. allows the user to convert any of the Tubela Model 3 & 32 Benders into a power house. Bending tubes with ease, this kit comes with either a foot  or hand controlled hydraulic pump.

    This Kit is compatible with JD2 Benders.

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What's In The Kit?

1 x 7 ton Tubela made Hydraulic Ram.

1 x 700 Mpa Air Hydraulic Pumps (See specifications for minimum requirements)

1 x 3/8 BSP Hydraulic Hose with couplings (5ft Long)

1 x 1/4 BSP Brass 2-1 T-Connector.

2 x 1/4 BSP Male Quick release air connector

1 x Female Quick release air connector.


More Info

Tubela have spent many months developing and testing a hydraulic kit for the Model 3 & 32 Benders to create a Kit that is easy to use and setup and performs better than any other available kit at an affordable price. Many of the kits on the market today use off the shelf Hydraulic rams that have been adapted for use in a hydraulic kit. We have gone one step further with this and developed our own Hydraulic rams Specifically for use on the Tubela & JD2 Model 3 & 32 Benders.

The Tubela Ram is the only Kit that includes an air return system whereas other manfactures have used a spring return which reduces the available stroke of the ram. The air return system does not need hooking up to the bending arms and will never wear out. This system also gives the user the ability to control position of the ram far more precicely than other setups giving better repeatability and lower material waste.

As with other Tubela Brand Products the Ram has been designed and manufactured at our UK Based factory.


See the Specification Tab For Performance and setup requirments of the Hydraulic Kit.


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