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We have chosen the excellent UK made Starrett Fast Cut Bi-Metal Holesaws to compliment our range of Tube Notchers, like the Tubela Piranha Tube Notcher.

Starrett uniquely combine a new tooth material and design with a 5.5 TPI/25mm tooth form. The new material and tooth design has an increased resistance to heat and wear. The Holesaws provide a smooth, fast, clean & effortless cut on a  wide range of materials, a step up when compared to the old constant pitch saw.

The Starrett Fast Cut Bi-Metal Holesaws are especially suited to cutting through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8"). And effortlessly cut Mild Steel & Stainless sheet.

Holesaw depth is 41mm (1"5/8).



The Arbors are to use your Holesaws away from the Notcher. They are for use with Starrett Fast Cut Bi-metal Holesaws and all other brands available in the UK.

Suitable for use with Bi-metal and Tungsten carbide tipped holesaws sizes 14-30mm & 32-210mm. They are fitted with a 6.5mm/1/4 in pilot drill, with a set screw in the arbor body allowing easy replacement of the pilot drill.


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