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Order bespoke special radii tooling to suit your UNI tube bending machines. These tube bender formers for sale make the UNI range even more versatile and expandable within your factory or workshop. 

These radii tube bender formers are made from either SG castings, solid steel or more commonly stainless steel billets for the petrochemical and subsea industries. However, we can also make tooling to suit UK copper and other thin-walled tubes, utilising our Knife Edged Guide (KEG) technology. 

Other great features of our radii formers (pictured) include:

  • The largest size we can produce is 307mmCLR (Centre Line Radius) Former, with a special OD size of 30.71mm.
  • KEG — Knife Edged Guide/Former, 7/8". The deep groove allows a guide to slide inside which supports the tube over its entire circumference and by allowing extra clamping pressure.
  • 1"OD standard radii but made from stainless steel.
  • A smaller than standard 1"NB x 80mmCLR.

Please call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

Please note: in American English, formers are sometimes referred to as ‘dies’. 

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