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The Amigo 2 is possibly the best and most cost effective portable electric threader on the market. Therefore long established German made REMS Threaders will further enhance the value of your work whilst making pipe threading easier and even more efficient.

The Amigo 2 BSP Pipe Threading Kit has:

* super quick change Die Heads with easy start.

* the most powerful motor on the market at 1700w, making threading easier with no stalling. Its power makes it quicker and more reliable over its long unstressed life than the competition.

* lightweight at only 7kg and thus it can be used freely in different positions, even without the support bracket.

* fast threading time with a head speed of 18 to 30rpm.

* a solid secure and simple Support Bracket that holds the Amigo 2 against its cutting torque in both directions, while holding the pipe to be threaded.


The Die's/Die Head has:

* a quick release and install system, speeding up die-head changing, they simply push-in, push-out on the smaller sizes up to 1"1/2 and the larger two dies have an easy to use a C clip.

* ‘easy start’ geometry.

* 5 cutting dies per head, compared to 4 for other makes = longer life, easier starting and better cut threads.

* the chip holes grow wider towards the outside of the head to enable good chip flow and a better finish, plus clean threads.

* Dies are made from a high quality special grade steel that are fully tempered and hardened to provide the user with a long die life.

* REMS only have one type of Die for all die heads making stocking easy and less confusing and thus replacement easy.


To operate the Amigo 2 you use a heavy duty paddle switch. The robust forward/reverse switch is not small and fiddly but a large rotational switch that can be used with gloves.


Dies included in this kit to thread pipe with a BSPT type thread are: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1”1/4, 1"1/2 & 2"BSPT. Packed in a tough metal case.


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