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  • A Tubela Model 3 or JD2 Model 3 Tubebender 180deg Former and Guide set.

    Click the drop down boxes below to choose Size and Radii.

    *If a size or radius is not listed, and you have a 171 to choose from, then we can make it for you. Contact us for information.

    Made in the UK 🇬🇧

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Made in the UK Tubela Model 3, or JD2 Model 3 Tubebender compatible 180deg Former and Guide set. OD (Outside Diameter), Gas (NB), CHS (Circular Hollow Section. *Check tube min/max thickness in the Specification tab.

For Square sizes see here.

In each set you receive Tooling either made by Tubela** or JD2:

1 x 180deg Former (unless otherwise stated in the description) for your chosen size. (Each Tubela Former is precision CNC machined from 355 grade Steel billets making them very durable).

1 x Guide block with Inserts, for your chosen size. (Inserts are a durable alloy which avoids marking your tube).

1 x Tube Strap, for your chosen size.

1 x Angle Indicator rod.

* if a Former set is not listed as in stock then please call us to check latest levels.

PLEASE READ the Specifications Tab, especially the minimum tube wall thickness each Former size can bend.


** Tubela make our own Tooling for this excellent tube bender. *If a size or radius is not listed, then we can make it. Contact us for information.

** to bend Aluminium you will need our Acetal Inserts see here or a Thin-Walled Ali Bending Kit see here. Please contact us to order.

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