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  • The Tubela Model 3 UK Tube Bender is suitable for bending 1/2" OD to 2" OD Tube or 1/2"NB to 1"1/2NB  tube or piping. This manual tube bending tool also comes complete with the Degree Ring, as well as a 36" Telescopic Handle. The Professional kit includes everything you need to add tube bending to your companies toolset. Professional equipment, at a price lower than anywhere else on the market. today.

    Our hand tool tube and pipe benders are capable of bending a number of wall thickness' and materials, such as thin wall steel, mild steel, Stainless steel and thick or thin Aluminium (with optional Derlin Inserts). For more information on the TOOLING, click HERE. Feel free to call us on 01371 859 100.
    The Tubela Model 3 is British 🇬🇧 made in house with high-quality parts and components.
    *Hydraulic Power is now available, see HERE.
    * Delivery is 5-7 Days on this item


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Tubela Model 3 - Great British 🇬🇧 made - 2 Year Warranty.

What's In The Kit?

1 x Tubela Model 3 Tube and Pipe bender with degree indicator. 

1 x Anti-Springback Bar.

1 x Model 3 Floor mounted Stand, Part's to weld.

1 x Plane of Bend Clamp.

5 x Former set's from your chosen kit in dropdown box. (SEE SPECIFICATION FOR MORE INFO)

* Delivery is 5-7 Days on this item


Manual Tube Bender

Why the Tubela Model 3? We had been supplying the American made JD2 Model 3 bender for over 17 years. We are the UK's original importer of this great, cost-effective tube bending machine. Then we decided to make our own; to offer better quality, better lead times, and a more cost effective solution. We offer quick supply and shipping times with all of our tube & pipe benders.
However, this machine has been improved. High-grade S355 steel and a thick powder coat help keep the Model 3 Tube Bender machine in pristine condition for longer, no matter how often it is used. All JD2 Model 3 Tooling is compatible with Tubela's Model 3 Tube Bender.
Now available as an option with an Anti-Spring Back Bar, helping you bend by not releasing the pressure in the bender whilst making life easier for you as there is no slack to take up with each bending stroke. 

Ratchet Tube Bending

The Model 3 Tube Bender is suitable for both hobbyists and the professional fabricator, who require a dependable, accurate and affordable tube bender. The Model 3 Tube Bender is easy to operate, using a ratchet mechanism. This heavy-duty pipe bending machine makes light work of even the thickest tube and pipe.
This manual bender is the number 1 selling Hand Ratchet tube bender for racecar & bike fabricators. Tubela has been supplying this machine in the UK to bike, Trike, Kart, racecar and roll cage builders since 2005.
The Model 3 tube bender is effective and durable, yet remains affordable. The manual tubing bender parts are all CNC constructed, to ensure durability and protect against breakage.

Manual Pipe bender

As this DIY tubing bender uses a ratchet system, it is straightforward to operate. Although a manual tubing bender, this machine is still capable of bending larger tubing systems, without need for assistance. This machine is also very accurate. The degree indicator ensures you can bend tubing to an exact degree and bend radius, with clear readability of the bend.
The machine comes complete with all parts and is easily assembled for your convenience.
For more detailed information, view Specification & Downloads tab, to the right, or get in touch.

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