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Tubela Benders: Revolutionising Tube Bending Technology

16th April 2024

Tubela Benders: Revolutionising Tube Bending Technology

Tubela Benders: Revolutionising Tube Bending Technology

Cantel bends

Innovation and precision are always found with Tubela benders, the epitome of excellence in tube bending technology.

Say goodbye to outdated methods and welcome a new era of efficiency and versatility in tube, pipe, and profile bending.

Let's look into the world of Tubela benders and discover how they reshape the world of tube bending for the marine sector, power station, oil rigs, refineries and nuclear plants.

Redefining Tube Bending Standards

Tubela benders are engineered to perfection, capable of achieving bends with a range of radius x diameter across a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, and extrusion.

Revolutionary Design for Unparalleled Performance

Embrace the advanced design of Tubela benders.

Unlike outdated methods, Tubela benders feature robust construction and innovative design that eliminates the need for tie bars and prevents material slippage.

Overcoming Traditional Clamping Challenges

Tubela made a Plane of Bend Clamp to keep your series of bends on level, or at 90, 100, or 180 degrees, your choice, to the first bend you bent.

With Tubela, achieving flawless bends has never been easier.

Streamlined Design for Enhanced Efficiency

Experience seamless bending operations with Tubela's innovative design.

Powered by a hydraulic cylinder, the movement minimises bending head dimensions, reducing the machine's overall footprint.

With Tubela, every bend is executed with precision and efficiency, thanks to the advanced technology.

Empowering Operators with Advanced Controls

Tubela benders' intuitive control systems put the power in the hands of operators. Equipped with colour touch screens and manual override controls, they offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice operator, Tubela benders empower you to achieve perfect bends confidently.

Elevate Your Tube Bending Experience with Tubela

In conclusion, Tubela benders represent the pinnacle of tube bending technology, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Say goodbye to the limitations of outdated methods and embrace a new era of tube-bending excellence with Tubela.

Whether you're bending steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or any other material, Tubela benders are your ultimate companion in achieving flawless bends every time.

Experience the Tubela advantage and revolutionise your tube bending operations today.


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