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These laser cut Tubela Stand components are to help you to weld up a stand, to aid you in the operation of your Tubela or JD2 Model 3 or Model 32 Tubebender.

You get either a complete Stand:

A Base Plate - 10mm thick mild steel, 26cm sqaure. With 4 x 1/2" clearance holes to provide a very secure platform.

The Base Plate has the 2"NB Support diameter cut out to enable you to get welds on both sides of the plate, to make the stand stronger. And to aid in welding it up making easy alignment in a vice.

A Tube Support - 2"NB (60.3mmOD) x sch80 extra strong S355 grade 5/5.5mm thick steel pipe.

A Top Plate - 10mm thick mild steel, with the must have Petal design that allows those with space restrictions to move the tubebender around when your long piece of tube may interfere with a fixed obstruction, like a wall. You simply release the main bolts, pulling the outer one up, rotate the machine, secure and bend. The holes are at 45deg increments.

Or, just the Top & Base Plates.


All YOU need to do is weld one of your tubebenders 3/4" nuts to the centre hole in the Top Plate, and weld the parts together.


The Stand is a comfortable 3 foot (91.5cm) tall, and has four wide spread holes in the base for easy bolting to a concrete or metal floor to provide a secure footprint.


As with everything Tubela, and JD2 for that matter, its over engineered to be strong and last.


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