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  • A hardened steel inner & outer De-burring & Reamer for all materials.

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The excellent Ridgid Model 223S & 227S Inner-Outer De-burring/Reamer tools are made from hardened steel, featuring 46 cutting edges on their cones and will swiftly clean at the same time both the inside and outside edges of your range of copper to stainless steel tube or pipe.

The tools also have a large outer circumference with a knurled pattern for effective hand grip and ease of use.

The Reamer deburrs inside the tube on one end (as pictured) and the other end is the outer reamer. You use it by rotating the Reamer by hand on the tube.

Capacity: Model 223S (29983) - 6mm to 36mmOD. Model 227S (29993) – 12 to 50mmOD.