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  • This digital level makes keeping or changing the plane-of-bend while tubebending extremely easy, quick and importantly accurate.

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This digital torpedo level is a great compliment to your tube & pipe bending needs. It provides you with easy and very accurate plane of bend measurements.

The large digital display is clear to read and quick to react to angle changes. It aids your adjustment with an up or down arrow telling you which way to move the tube to reach zero. Plus it has a function where a buzzer sounds when the angle you are adjusting has stabilised.

Powerful magnets will hold the level to a piece or tube at any angle and it will not shake off as the tube swings around during a bend.

• Accuracy 0.1˚.

• Display measures up to 90˚, in all 4 planes.

• Displays either Angle in Degree’s or % of Slope, at a touch of a button.

• Alternative zero feature.

• Constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic that is moulded with a tough aluminium base that has a central groove to allow for perfect alignment along a piece of tubes length.

• Auto off after 3minutes to preserve battery life.

• Self calibration, if required.

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