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Are you fed up and worn out with hand pumping your 1/2" to 2"nb H3PR hand hydraulic pipe bender?? The M3PR Conversion Kit is your answer to hassle free tireless motorised pipe bending.

The M3PR uses your existing Cylinder & Ram assembly, no matter how old it is. This saves you money over buying the M3PR complete and recycles part of your old machine; both advantages in today's economy. New seals are included for your Cylinder & Ram to freshen it up.

• Heavy duty tube/pipe bending made easy with this Motorised, Electric Hydraulic bending machine, producing a maximum operating and reliable 8 tons of bending force. (unless you are bending extra heavy-walled 2"nb pipe then you will never need this much power. Its there so you have plenty of capacity.)

• Micro-switch control - the motor only runs when the Valve Control lever is moved, which is ideal for shop or site work and in hot environments as the motor will not be continually running meaning a cooler motor, oil, and valve assembly and longer life.

• Metal Oil Tank now fitted as standard for safer on site work.

• Motor voltages available - 110v 50Hz single phase.

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