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  • TUBELA Model 32 coming SOON!!

    The Model 32 Tube Bender is for 1/2"OD to 2"1/2OD Steel Tube or 1/2"NB to 2"NB Steel Pipe. Rated to bend 2"OD x 6.35mmwall, or 2"1/2OD x 3mm wall, and it has the strength to bend 1"1/2OD solid Steel!!

    The machine comes complete with the Degree Ring, Anti-Spring Back Bar in combination with the Former Locking Mechanism, and a 36" Telescopic Handle. Just add Tooling. And a STAND.

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The Model 32 is the big brother to the excellent Model 3. A heavier duty version to tackle thicker and larger tube with improved ratchet geometry, ease of use and more strength. The machine comes complete and is easily assembled. So all you need is your chosen tooling (long grey button below price) and then you are ready to bend tubes straight out of the box. It is supplied without a stand (you can buy a Stand here), so a sturdy bench or mount is required.  A plate is supplied which simply needs to be bolted or welded on to any sturdy metal surface, such as a welding table, frame jig, work bench or pedestal.


All JD2 products are designed with rugged durability in mind. CNC machined parts, Formers and Guides. The Model 32 just takes this one step further. Learning from 25+years selling the Model 3 this new Model 32 uses a higher-ratio ratchet mechanism to allow you to bend larger tubing sizes comfortably without assistance. The Ratchet Handle is also bushed for smoothness and reduced friction For example, the average operator can bend 1”3/4OD x 2.4mm wall mild steel tube with one hand and 1" x 1.6mm wall tube with ONE finger.


So what else has changed? Most notably is frame strength, which has more than doubled. Plus 7/8"OD 100,000 psi alloy Pins were upgraded to 1”1/4OD Pins. The frame links are machined from 3/4" thick steel and the drive links are made from 1/2" thick cold rolled steel.


And an Anti-Springback ratchet Bar is now included with the Model 32. This allowed JD2 to design a new ratchet lever system with more than a 20% reduction in bending effort. Geometry of the bender itself was altered to take better advantage of the Guides, thus yielding better bends. (The Anti Spring Back Bar can be bought for the Model 3).

Additionally, a Former Locking Mechanism was designed that both helps bend thin wall tubing - springback is the number one cause of wrinkling thin walled tubing - as well as helping to bend very heavy walled tube by preventing the machine from relaxing when taking the next slot on the ratchet; making your life easier as you do not have to take up the tension again.


How the former Locking Mechanism works is when the former rotates while bending, the drive holes in the former move under the lock pin. When the drive hole is below the lock pin, it drops into the drive hole and when pressure is removed from the bender the formers rotation is locked at that position. This coupled with the Anti-Spring Back Bar makes life easy. It also allows you to check the angle you have bent to with more confidence.


Like the Model 3, the Model 32 is extremely accurate with the standard Degree Indicator. Accurate bending is simply a matter of watching the pointer until the degree of bend you desire is reached. High contrast yellow markings on a black background provide excellent readability.


The Model 32 has been designed for mechanical or hydraulic operation. Its hydraulic swivel block rotates on the cylinders true centre axis thereby eliminating side load on the ram during bending. This greatly extends the life of the cylinder. A one piece steel ram yoke with quick disconnect pin is now incorporated as well.


*to bend tube over 2"OD x 3mm wall, square over 1”1/2 or solid bar over 1"OD requires hydraulics.

*to bend Aluminium you require Tubela's Thin-Walled Bending Kit. See here. Or call us to chat 01371 859 100

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