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  • This item is currently out of stock


The Model 3 Bender is designed for the hobbyist or professional fabricator who requires a dependable, accurate and affordable tube and pipe bender where its Ratchet mechanism makes light work of even the thickest tube.

It is the No.1 selling Hand Ratchet tube bender in the USA for racecar & bike fabricators and has been sold by Tubela in the UK to bike, Trike, Kart, racecar and roll cage builders since 2005.

The machine comes complete and is easily assembled. So all you need is your chosen tooling (long grey button below price) and then you are ready to bend tubes straight out of the box. It is supplied without a stand (you can buy a Stand here), so a sturdy bench or mount is required.  A plate is supplied which simply needs to be bolted or welded on to any sturdy metal surface, such as a welding table, frame jig, work bench or pedestal.

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