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  • This is REMS sturdy, easy to carry and thus very portable tube and pipe workstation. With an intergrated Chain Pipe Vice and Shelf. A MUST HAVE! When Threading or Sawing pipe.


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CHEAPEST on the market!! This Aquila 3B Tripod Tube & Pipe Workstation is the perfect accompaniment for the REMS Threaders or Saws. A MUST HAVE when Threading or Sawing pipe.

It utilises a die cast work plate that is designed to make holding tube and pipe very easy and safe.

The supplied Chain Vice will clamp from 10mm to 165mm or 1/8” to 6” and uses a quick closure trapezoidal spindle onto double clamping jaws.

The Work Plate houses 3 tube benders that can bend from 10mmOD to 26mmOD

It easily collapses to make light work of carrying it around site or to and from the van.

And has an integrated shelf for accessible storage or any tools you are using at the time.

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