Electric & Mandrel

Electric and digitally controlled tube benders, plus mandrel assisted tube bending machines for very thin wall tube.
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The CBC UNI Digital Electric and Mandrel Series of machines are very versatile, extremely accurate, repeatable and powerful tube & pipe bending machines. Just a push of a button will bend all your requirements from 6mmOD upto 89mmOD, or 3"NB.

They are ideally suited for bending thin or thick-walled material such as annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other more specialised materials such as CDS, T45 & super duplex. Thus giving them excellent flexibility while delivering optimum and repeated bending radii, and little deformation.

In addition the CBC UNI ‘Mandrel’ Bending machines offer you the ability to produce tight radii bends (2D), but additionally these are produced with little change to the tubes diameter throughout the bend and with no wrinkling.

SPECIALS: we can also manufacture tooling for Square & Section material, plus tooling to any non-standard centre line radius that you may require, including from stainless steel.


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